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Previously, our headline campaign demanded that all citizens should immediately be given the opportunity to vote in referendums on the Lisbon Treaty. Thus far, over a quarter of a million people across Europe have signed our petitions.

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This campaign aims to guarantee free access to scientifically based natural health remedies for all European Union citizens.

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On November 13, 2007, more than 30 survivors of the extermination camp Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps met in Auschwitz for a one-day conference.

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A Referendum for Natural Remedies

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What is the 'Referendum for Natural Remedies' campaign?

The campaign aims to guarantee free access to scientifically based natural health remedies for all European Union citizens, via the holding of a 'Referendum for Natural Remedies' in all 27 European Member States. To achieve this, we want to obtain one million signatures in a petition demanding that the European Union hold such a referendum without delay.

Why is there a need for this initiative?

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Draconian laws, intended to ban information on many natural health remedies and their uses, are increasingly being introduced throughout Europe under the guise of the "protection of public health." This is being done despite the fact that millions of people die every year from chronic diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and cancer and that thousands of clinical and scientific studies already show natural remedies (including vitamin therapies) can prevent the occurrence of these diseases.

Click here to read how restrictive European laws governing natural health remedies are also now threatening freedom of choice in the United States.

What is the current status of the campaign?

We originally launched this petition in 2002. At the time, we were driven by the hope that the ‘Brussels EU’ would listen to the voices of the people. Since that time, however, following the imposition of the dictatorial Lisbon Treaty upon the population of Europe, our worst fears about the nature of this construct and its undemocratic political structure have become reality. Mindful of this, and of the fact that over a quarter of a million people have now signed the petition, we decided it was important to continue with the campaign whilst, at the same time, doing our utmost to raise global awareness about the true nature of the ‘Brussels EU’ and its origins.

As is described in the groundbreaking “Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’” book, the key architects of the ‘Brussels EU’ construct were recruited from among the same technocrats who had previously designed the plans for a post-WWII Europe under the control of the Nazis. This fact, which was deliberately hidden from European citizens for over seventy years, explains why the undemocratic nature of the Brussels EU bears such a shocking resemblance to the intended postwar plans of the Nazis for a “total European economic area.” If, after reading this important book, you are interested to volunteer your time to help us disseminate the information it contains, please contact us.

In the light of our new understanding of the nature of the ‘Brussels EU’, it has become increasingly clear to us that the outcome of the global battle for natural health freedom is directly dependent upon the dismantling of this structure and its replacement with a truly democratic Europe.

To help achieve this, we urge you to also sign the petition for ‘A Europe for the People, by the People’. Drafted by survivors of the Auschwitz WWII concentration camp, the focus of this unique document is the protection of the health and lives of European citizens from corporate interests whose multi-billion dollar profits derive from turning the human body into a marketplace. The common denominators of these interests, which primarily include the pharmaceutical industry and the GM (genetically modified) food industry, are patented products that serve the interests of giant investment groups at the expense of the health and lives of millions of people. The ‘Europe for the People, by the People’ petition therefore calls for the right to health; the right to life; the right to natural food; the right to a healthy environment; respect for human dignity and the protection of social values.