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Previously, our headline campaign demanded that all citizens should immediately be given the opportunity to vote in referendums on the Lisbon Treaty. Thus far, over a quarter of a million people across Europe have signed our petitions.

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This campaign aims to guarantee free access to scientifically based natural health remedies for all European Union citizens.

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On November 13, 2007, more than 30 survivors of the extermination camp Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps met in Auschwitz for a one-day conference.

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Newsletter – April 9, 2010

The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’

What you always wanted to know about the Brussels EU – But no one dared to tell you

The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’In our new book, “The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’”, we tell a story that many readers may, for obvious reasons, initially reject. In doing so, they may say that if the far-reaching historical information documented in the book were true, they would surely have heard about it before.

Mindful of this, we consider it our responsibility to encourage you to not only download this book, but also to visit and study the source documents noted at the bottom of its pages.

We encourage you to help disseminate this book among your family, friends, work colleagues and in your community. Moreover, we also urge you to confront your political representatives – at the local, regional, national and European level – with the information contained in this book. In doing so, you must urge these politicians to make a choice: Either they can close their eyes to the truth and, thereby, recklessly support the takeover of Europe by a dictatorship of corporate interests, or they can act to protect democracy and the health and life interests of millions of people. The choice these politicians make with regard to their position on the Brussels EU will be the most important decision of their political careers.

Citizens of the UK can download the special UK edition of the book here.

For readers living everywhere else in Europe, click here to download the international edition of the book.

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Included in this edition:

Airline passenger conversations to be monitored under EU project
Buzek suggests electing EU commissioners
Wads of cash and free ski trips on the EU gravy train

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