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Previously, our headline campaign demanded that all citizens should immediately be given the opportunity to vote in referendums on the Lisbon Treaty. Thus far, over a quarter of a million people across Europe have signed our petitions.

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This campaign aims to guarantee free access to scientifically based natural health remedies for all European Union citizens.

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On November 13, 2007, more than 30 survivors of the extermination camp Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps met in Auschwitz for a one-day conference.

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April 7, 2014

MEPs accuse commission of blocking EU statistics 'whistleblower'
Talks aimed at increasing transparency on EU statistical output have collapsed after the European Commission refused to apply the rules it demands of national statistical offices to its own statistical agency.
Read article at euobserver.com

Comment: Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) know full well that the real power in the Brussels EU system lies with the so-called "European Commission." The executive body of Europe, this Commission has no intention of listening to the demands of elected representatives of the people. Instead, operating outside the basic principles of freedom and democracy, it acts as a dictatorship. Neither the 28 members of the European Commission, nor even the Brussels EU President, Herman van Rompuy, have been elected by the people. Instead, the power of the people to determine their government has effectively been transferred to corporate interests. To learn about the hidden origins of the Brussels EU construct, visit the Relay of Life website.

March 11, 2014

Corrupt "Secret" Global Trade and Investor Agreements: EU Facilitating Corporate Plunder
Since the economic crisis hit Europe, international investors have begun suing EU countries struggling under austerity and recession for a loss of expected profits, using international trade and investment agreements. Speculative investors are claiming more than 1.7 billion Euros in compensation from Greece, Spain and Cyprus in private international tribunals for the impact of measures implemented to deal with economic crises. This is the conclusion from a new report released by the Transnational Institute (TNI) and Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO).
Read article on the Centre for Research on Globalization website

March 9, 2014

Gardeners with Rhododendrons could be 'criminalised' by new EU law
Gardeners could find themselves on the wrong side of the law because of Rhododendrons or other "invasive" species in their garden under new European laws, horticulturalists have warned.
Read article on the Daily Telegraph website (UK)

March 7, 2014

Merkel backs call for EU school lessons to counter 'growing Euro-scepticism'
The German Chancellor wants "EU education in schools across Europe to prepare the next generation and to nurture a European approach".
Read article on the Daily Telegraph website (UK)

Comment: With trust in the Brussels EU now at an all time low, the construct is becoming desperate. Hence, therefore, this proposal to force pro-Brussels EU propaganda on young people in schools. But one thing is already for sure: These "lessons" would be deliberately designed to omit any mention of the construct's Nazi roots.

February 18, 2014

The EU dictatorship they want but won't get
There are powerful forces in the EU pushing for a dictatorship, which is what political union would ultimately mean. They won't succeed but they may cause havoc in the attempt.
Read article at thecommentator.com

February 18, 2014

The Netherlands, Sweden, Britain refuse to sign off EU 2012 books
The Netherlands, Britain and Sweden on Tuesday voted against approving the EU's accounts for 2012 because of an increase in mis-spending.
Read article at dutchnews.nl (Netherlands)

February 17, 2014

What are you hiding? The opacity of the EU-US trade talks
While Commissioner De Gucht claims that "there is nothing secret" about the ongoing EU-US trade talks, notes of Commission meetings with business lobbyists released to Corporate Europe Observatory under the EU's freedom of information law were heavily censored. The documents show that De Gucht's officials invited industry to submit wishlists for 'regulatory barriers' they would like removed during the negotiations, but there is no way for the public to know how the EU has incorporated this into its negotiating position – or even what has been asked for and by whom – as all references have been removed.
Read article on the Corporate Europe Observatory website

February 12, 2014

EU 'spent £320 million on surveillance drone development'
Over £320 million has been spent on developing European Union surveillance drones without proper democratic oversight and amid concerns over close links between industry and officials, a report from a civil liberties watchdog has found.
Read article in the Daily Telegraph (UK)

Comment: The Oil and Drug Cartel's design for the Brussels EU was closely based upon a blueprint published in 1941 by Arno Sölter, the head of the official Nazi "Central Research Institute for National Economic Order and Greater Sphere Economy." Perhaps not surprisingly, therefore, the basic strategies being used to enforce the Brussels EU dictatorship today are directly descended from those used by the Nazis following the adoption of the Cartel's Enabling Act by the German Parliament in 1933. To learn more read chapter five ('Enforcing the Brussels dictatorship in Europe') of our book, 'The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU'.

February 6, 2014

'F**k the EU': Snr US State Dept. official caught in alleged phone chat on Ukraine
A senior US State Department official has allegedly been caught giving an unexpected message to the EU while discussing Ukrainian opposition leaders' roles in the country's future government. The phone call was taped and posted on YouTube. "F**k the EU," Assistant Secretary of State for Europe Victoria Nuland allegedly said in a recent phone call with US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, as the two were discussing a deal to end the crisis in Ukraine.
Read article and watch videos at rt.com (Russia)

February 6, 2014

Dutch would be 'better off' if they left the euro
There are big economic benefits for the Dutch in leaving the EU, finds a major study

The average Dutch household could be better off by over £8,000 a year and national income will grow by over £1 trillion if the Netherlands leaves the euro and the EU, according to a new study.
Read article in the Daily Telegraph (UK)

Comment: Awareness is growing amongst the people of Europe that financial recovery and social peace will not be possible until the enslaving chains of the euro currency are broken. Each day longer that the citizens of Europe allow themselves to be controlled by the Brussels EU dictatorship becomes another obstacle on their road to independence, financial recovery and social peace.

January 29, 2014

EU has secret plan for police to 'remote stop' cars
The European Union is secretly developing a "remote stopping" device to be fitted to all cars that would allow the police to disable vehicles at the flick of a switch from a control room.
Read article in the Daily Telegraph (UK)

January 22, 2014

Trust in EU at an all time low latest figures show
Trust in the European Union is at its lowest level since records began in 1997, with less than one in three EU citizens expressing trust in the EU in 2013.
Read article in the Daily Telegraph (UK)

Comment: Due to its fundamentally undemocratic structure – with the EU Commission holding all executive power and the EU Parliament serving merely as a fig leaf – the construct of the 'Brussels EU' is not reformable. It therefore needs to be publicly rejected by the people, dismantled and eventually replaced by a truly democratic system of representation: A Europe for the People, by the People.

January 8, 2014

We want a United States of Europe says top EU official
Voters must decide for or against a United States of Europe during EU elections this spring, says vice president of the European Commission.
Read article in the Daily Telegraph (UK)

Comment: The previous elections organized by the Brussels EU dictatorship, in June 2009, were nothing short of a Waterloo for its architects. Almost 60 percent of the people of Europe who were eligible to vote protested by deliberately abstaining. In addition, a further 4 percent of the eligible electorate cast deliberate votes against the construct by voting for parties that are anti-Brussels EU and/or opposed to the Lisbon Treaty. Notably, therefore, in a further sign that the construct has lost all credibility with its citizens, voter turnout has fallen consistently in every Brussels EU election since the first one in 1979.



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