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Previously, our headline campaign demanded that all citizens should immediately be given the opportunity to vote in referendums on the Lisbon Treaty. Thus far, over a quarter of a million people across Europe have signed our petitions.

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This campaign aims to guarantee free access to scientifically based natural health remedies for all European Union citizens.

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On November 13, 2007, more than 30 survivors of the extermination camp Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps met in Auschwitz for a one-day conference.

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The European Referendum Initiative is a campaign for citizens to have the right to vote in a referendum whenever significant changes to laws affecting them are made at either national or European level.

We believe that every citizen should have the right to:

Supporting organizations

Democracy Movement

The Democracy Movement is a non-party campaign to defend liberal democracy in Britain and across Europe. We believe that this is fundamentally undermined by the single currency, the proposed EU Constitution and the drive to create a Brussels-based system of government, which will result in all major decisions being taken at the European Union centre by undemocratic institutions. Our vision instead is that of a Europe of Democracies whereby elected governments can co-operate together on issues transcending national boundaries where there is voluntary, common agreement. Removing the EU's legal superiority over its member countries and making Europe's elected national parliaments legally supreme once again is a necessary first, if not sufficient, step towards a democratic re-Enlightenment in our continent. The Democracy Movement works with those who share our beliefs, of all political parties and of none, without endorsing parties or individuals at elections, and alongside groups in other European countries that share our aims.

Dr. Rath Health Foundation

The Dr. Rath Health Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving human health on a global scale through research, education and the defence of patients' rights to choose natural health therapies. The scientific discoveries of its founder, Dr. Matthias Rath, a pioneer in natural health research, offer major breakthroughs in the natural approach to heart disease, cancer and other health concerns. His vision, backed-up by his extensive research, has unleashed the potential of controlling these diseases through natural means. As a result, the Foundation has been instrumental in promoting natural health education and people's health rights throughout the world.

La Leva di Archimede

La Leva di Archimede, an association for freedom of choice and correct information, represents natural health enthusiasts, consumers, health professionals and distributors of natural health products. La Leva was founded in 1998 and has worked to protect access to nutrition-based prevention and natural healing in Italy. We provide information through our popular multi-language websites and co-ordinate our actions with similar associations in other countries. We believe medical reform is long overdue. Profit-driven pharmaceutical control of medicine and reckless pollution of the environment have reduced our freedom to choose and have led to widespread poor health despite huge public health spending.

National Health Federation

Established in 1955, the National Health Federation is an international consumer-education, health-freedom organization working to protect individuals' rights to choose to consume healthy food, take supplements, and use alternative therapies without government restrictions. With consumer members all over the world, and a Board of Governors and Advisory Board containing representatives from 7 different countries, the Federation is unique as being the only consumer health-freedom organization in the world to enjoy official observer status (able to speak out for health freedom) at meetings of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the highest international body on food standards.

Party for People and Spirit

The Party for People and Spirit (Partij voor Mens en Spirit) is a new Dutch political party that was founded in March 2008. It believes that a new dimension in politics – based on a deep realization of unity, wholeness and inspiration – is now a political necessity. The party aims for solidarity, cooperation and openness, and considers that only deep understanding, genuine concern and open minds can lead to decisions and solutions that place the wellbeing and happiness of citizens as a central objective. It wishes to see the advent of a new form of politics that views the citizen as a partner and, as much as possible, connects with not only their material, social, emotional and spiritual needs, but also with nature.

Save Our Herbs – the Campaign for the Protection of Herbal Medicine

Save Our Herbs formed in July 2009 in response to the increasing threat to our traditional herbal medicines – 'the people's medicine' – and our right to practise as traditional herbalists. Our ethos, simply put, is to help preserve the people's access to and ability to choose traditional herbal medicines; traditional practice; traditional philosophies and knowledge; and consequently help protect the environment.

The Violets

"Die Violetten (The Violets) - a Party for Political Spirituality". Since 2001, The Violets political party has actively worked towards bringing more spirituality into political activities, as a means of incorporating holistic solutions for the basic needs of all citizens. Based in Germany, they perceive their spiritual world view to be in line with modern science, but complemented by spiritual non-materialistic dimensions. The party's special focus is on holistic politics through careful handling of the world’s natural resources and the needs of the people. It also includes the introduction of an unconditional basic income to ensure lifelong minimum financial security. Another important aspect of the party’s policy is direct democracy through the implementation of referendums on important issues.

Zeus Information Service

Zeus Information Service came into being in February 2003. Its purpose is to help unify the Worldwide Health Freedom movement – people and organisations who believe in the value of natural health therapies and want to continue using them. Subscribers receive free Zeus News bulletins containing important articles from the global press and top websites – on Health Freedom, Alternative Medicine, Homeopathy, Pharma, Environment, GM Food, Vaccines andPolitics. The subject of health is extremely wide ranging and Zeus presents articles on a host of key subjects affecting it.